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Methuen City Hall

Methuen City Hall

Methuen Civil War Monument

Methuen Civil War Monument

Tenney Castle, aka Grey Court.

Tenney Castle, aka Grey Court.

Methuen Memorial Music Hall

Methuen Memorial Music Hall

Odd Fellows Hall

Odd Fellows Hall

Terracotta Architectural Detail

Terracotta Architectural Detail



David Nevins

David Nevins

Charles H. Tenney

Charles H. Tenney

Edward F. Searles

Edward F. Searles

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The Methuen Historical Society (MHS) is committed to protecting and maintaining the rich historical character of Methuen through advocacy, education, outreach, and the preservation of historical records, artifacts, structures, and monuments that are unique to our city. The MHS believes that the preservation of our past enhances the lives of those who live in and visit Methuen today, and for generations to follow. We appreciate the support of our members and supporters who share our common goals.


Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or if you'd like to know how you can participate. Thank you!

Thank you for your support of our recent event!

Many thanks to our recent Angels Around Us event host, Angie D'Anjou, of Awakening Moments, for enlightening us about angels and the special roles they play in our lives.

We hope everyone enjoyed the event, received some guidance, and learned more about the topic. Your support and Angie's donated time are very much appreciated!


Our Annual Raffle tickets are now available!
Support the Methuen Museum of History by purchasing your raffle tickets. You could be this year's lucky winner of one hundred, $10-dollar Massachusetts State Lottery scratch tickets. Only 500 tickets will be sold. Learn how to get your tickets here.


Become a Member!

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Check out the latest post from our
President, Maureen Pollard, entitled
It's Been a Busy Year. 

Preserving Our Past Together

Methuen Cemetery Inventory Project

Meetinghouse Hill Cemetery
Inventory Complete and Now Available Online!

Thanks to a dedicated group of dedicated volunteers, this historic Methuen cemetery has been inventoried, and headstones have been identified, cleaned, and repaired. 


Check Out Our Fall 2021 Newsletter!

In this issue of Friends of Methuen History:

  • Note from Our President

  • Preservation Award

  • Annual Scholarship Winner

  • Oil Portraits Restored

  • Tribute to a WWII Hero

  • Exhibit Space Planned

  • Meeting House Hill Cemetery Opened

  • Window Restoration Update

  • Lost Lion's Head

  • Raffle Winner

  • Annual Meeting

Click here to view the pdf.

We hope you enjoy reading about recent
MHS events and ongoing projects.

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Methuen Historical Society

P.O. Box 52, Methuen, MA 01844

Tel: 978-683-2252

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