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The Tenney Gatehouse, MHS headquarters and home of the Methuen Museum of History.  

The Methuen Historical Society Board meets the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m.


The Society gives voice to Methuen’s heritage. Regardless of whether it’s the preservation of our many historic buildings and artifacts or the stories of Methuen’s founders, the Society is an advocate for those things which make up the fabric of our community.


Our community has benefited from the generosity of philanthropic millionaires and the hard work of industrious mill workers and farmers. By teaching the history of Methuen today, the Society hopes to ensure that future generations will carry on our town's history and legacy.


Whether it’s fundraising for the ongoing maintenance of the historic Tenney Gate House, searching for artifacts of Methuen’s rich history, or partnering with other interested public and private organizations, the Society actively works to protect our community’s legacy.

Our Story

The Tenney Preservation Society was founded in 1974 as a movement to preserve Methuen's threatened historical assets. As the scope of their mission expanded, the name was changed in 1990 to The Methuen Historical Society. Now 27 years later, the MHS continues its efforts in preserving Methuen's historical legacy.


The MHS awards an annual $500 scholarship to a student of the Greater Lawrence Technical School, chosen by the guidance department, who will further his/her education in the trades. Talented GLTS students were essential to the successful restoration of the Tenney Gate House.

Priorities for 

Meet Our Board Members!

Maureen Pollard
Joseph Bella
Vice President,

A Methuen native, Joe Bella is passionate about the preservation of Methuen's historic assets. Joe has been an MHS Board member since 2002, serving as vice president and president. Joe was recording secretary of the Methuen Historical Committee (1971-1973) and of the Methuen Historical Commission as well (1973-1976). Joe rejoined the Methuen Historical Commission in 2002 as Chairman until 2016. Joe is currently Commissioner of the Methuen Historic District Commission.


Why I serve on the Board:

I serve on the Board to help protect and preserve our architectural and historic sites and to educate others on the importance of maintaining these precious properties. 

Tom Lussier

Currently treasurer of the MHS, Tom has served on the Board for many years. He also serves as Chairman of the Methuen Historic District Commission and is President of the Methuen Festival of Trees, Inc. Professionally, Tom is President of The Lussier Group, LLC, a governmental affairs consulting firm based in Massachusetts. Prior to establishing his business, he served nearly 19 years as Executive Director of the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System. Tom was previously elected to four terms in the Massachusetts House of Representatives from the City of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.


Why I serve on the Board:

Methuen has a unique history that enriches the character of our community. I'm proud to serve on a Board that's committed to preserving the legacy of our community, protecting our historical treasures, and sharing this rich history with our neighbors and visitors.

Ralph graduated from Boston College with a degree in history. 

Why I serve on the Board:

I have always loved history and serving on the board gives me the opportunity to help preserve the great history of Methuen for future generations.

Ralph Belmonte
Board Member

Photo and text coming soon

Why I serve on the Board:

Pending Update

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Bev Brown
Board Member
Charlie Farrington
Board Member

Pending Update

Why I serve on the Board:

Pending Update

John Hadley
Board Member

John has been a board member since 2015. He has been active in Methuen historic preservation projects for over 30 years. John was a dedicated volunteer in all phases of the restoration of the Tenney Gate House where he documented design elements of the interior. John's work led to the printing of replica wallpapers of the gatehouse. He was a recipient of an award from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management for his work. John has also served on the Methuen Historic District Commission. 


Why I serve on the Board:

I serve on the board to encourage historic preservation and adaptive reuse of historic structures in our community.

Joy Stackelin
Board Member

Joy is a lifelong resident of Methuen and has been a member and on the board of the Methuen Historical Society since 2015. She serves on the MHS education committee. She is married to Methuen native Paul Karpowicz and they have three sons. Joy and Paul's families arrived in the Merrimack Valley and settled in the Pleasant Valley area in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  Joy has been involved in the community through the Methuen Public Schools, Nevins Library Literacy program, volunteering for the Methuen Relay for Life, Methuen Festival of Trees and many other organizations.  


Why I serve on the Board:

I have always had a love for history, especially local history. I grew up surrounded by Methuen's historical sites. The places I love have great stories that have been told for generations.  I joined the Methuen Historical Society Board to be a part of sharing those wonderful stories by preserving our amazing landmarks and the rich history of Methuen. 

Sharon Pollard
Board Member

Former State Senator and Methuen Mayor (2000-2006), Sharon has served on the board for many years. An avid preservationist, Sharon chaired the restoration of the Tenney Gate House in the 1990s. Sharon is the founder of the Festival of Trees, created in 1994 as a fundraiser for the Gate House restoration. Sharon's work in the state senate led to the creation of Greycourt State Park. In addition to being a member of the Historical Society, Sharon is a member of the Methuen Historical Commission, the Methuen Preservation Committee, and is Founder and Immediate Past President of the Festival of Trees.


Why I serve on the Board:

The history of Methuen is fascinating.

Three families with roots in Methuen rose

to become enormously successful

19th-century industrialists, endowing their community with beautiful buildings, monuments and infrastructure. I joined the Historical Society to be a determined protector of this legacy and to help Methuenites learn and appreciate our unique historical story.

Katherine Robinson
Board Member

Katherine is an architect and has been

a Methuen resident for almost 30 years. Upon arrival, she was fascinated by the exotic mix of castles, ruins, walls, and turrets that distinguish Methuen. Years ago, she joined others to help restore the Tenney Gatehouse. Now, she delights in recognizing others who preserve Methuen's architectural treasures through the MHS Preservation Awards.


Why I serve on the Board:

I serve on the MHS Board to:

further my knowledge of Methuen's history, raise awareness, pride, and enthusiasm in the history of this unique community and share my architectural expertise.

About the Society

Maureen has been a board member since 1996 and currently serves as MHS president. Maureen and her husband are owners of the Waldo House, built in 1825 and at one time owned by Edward F. Searles. Surrounded by magnificent stone walls, characteristic of all of Searles' properties, Maureen feels privileged to be the steward of this historic landmark. In addition to serving on the MHS board, Maureen is a founding board member of Methuen Festival of Trees, whose mission it is to restore and renovate historic landmarks in the Merrimack Valley and in communities beyond.


Why I serve on the Board:

Methuen has many historical treasures that need our attention and commitment to preservation. The goal of the MHS is to educate, inform, and increase our awareness of the wonderful monuments and structures we are privileged to have in our own backyards.

The Methuen Historical Society (MHS)is committed to protecting and maintaining the rich historical character of Methuen through advocacy, education, outreach, and the preservation of historical records, artifacts, structures and monuments that are unique to our city. The MHS believes that the preservation of our past enhances the lives of those who live in and visit Methuen today, and for generations to follow.

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