Revolutionary Homes and Methuen’s Minutemen

A home built by an American patriot who put his life on hold to respond to the alarm at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, is in jeopardy of being demolished. Thomas Dow was one of 156 Methuen residents who responded to that alarm. He joined others whose names—Bodwell, Griffin, Whittier, Davis, Swan, Frye, Emerson—are present in the pages of Methuen history. They have earned a place of respect in our community. Thoughts of the Thomas Dow House spiked the curiosity of a committee of the Methuen Historical Society (Joy Karpowicz, Joe Bella, Bev Brown and myself) which spent four months researching the number of homes which still exist from this era, and the brave men who built and/or liv

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