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Taking It All for Granted

In the depth of my soul, I am a preservationist! In all areas of my life. Sometimes…not such a GOOD thing! I could, without periodic interventions, become a hoarder! Everything I come across has intrinsic value. I find beauty and value in buildings, pottery, glassware, china, art, clothing…well, you get the general idea! But I also find value in all kinds of things…and not just OLD stuff either! An unused envelope that, through exposure to moisture, is stuck closed-shouldn’t be thrown away…it can be steamed opened ! Or a badly battered and unusable piece of furniture can be repurposed Lest you interpret that as being cheap or frugal…Let me clarify that money and I have a less than stable relationship…I can spend it quicker than I can make it…Trust me! My need for hanging onto things is more a sense of the craftsmanship expended, the quality of the creation and the appreciation for its longevity of existence!

I like to think that I appreciate purpose, especially when those things of purpose have stood the test of time. Or have been created with amazing thought and foresight of form and function. Things that possess magnificent quality or beauty, despite their current condition, have value in my eyes. It is for this reason, that I would rather preserve than destroy those things that have survived the years and still have a story to tell. Preservation is the finest example of recycling. If a product of our past can be salvaged, restored, repaired, and preserved to continue its existence into the future, if nothing else, has value for education and appreciation of progress.

We possess a rich legacy from the past in the form of architecture and historic accomplishments. I hear over and over again from Methuen residents how impressed they are with our historical past. I’m often baffled how those of us “born and brought up” in Methuen have a tendency to take it all for granted…is it a case of ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ or is it a matter of ‘not seeing the forest for the trees’? As an organization, the Methuen Historical Society would like to encourage everyone to view the wonders of our unique and magnificent community with fresh appreciation!

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