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Methuen Museum of History

The Methuen Historical Society has manifested its existence in many ways over the years. Some fun facts that reveal a great deal about the organization and its checkered existence exemplifies the importance of its mission. Though it languished and eventually expired sometime in the 1920’s, it was vibrant prior to that time. Edward F. Searles was an active member and generously allowed the Society to hold its meetings at the Waldo House, which at the time was owned by Searles. Meetings, as well as many artifacts, were later held in the shed at Nevins Library. Eventually, following the efforts of the Tenney Preservation Society, the Tenney Gate House became the headquarters for the organization and its rebirth as a result of the generosity of the Methuen Festival of Trees.

I previously mentioned in a recent blog, that the Tenney Gate House is being re-branded as the Methuen Museum of History. Though it will remain the Historical Society’s headquarters, it will serve an even greater purpose as a museum. As any organization that is maintained by volunteers struggles with adequate man hours and available time, we recognize the importance of a greater presence in the community. We have successfully promoted our mission of advocacy and education but are driven to develop a greater presentation of our mission through the visual and profound impact that a local museum offers.

It is our intent this summer, to develop a cadre of docents to serve as volunteers following the opening of the Tenney Gate House later in the season. The volunteers will receive extensive training. We have a developed dialogue which will allow our docents to not only tell the story of our community’s history, but will give the necessary information to answer our visitor’s questions.

If you possess great interpersonal skills, love history and want to get involved in our community, please visit our website (which is undergoing a current makeover as well) at .

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